Twitter is straightforward to set up and get tweeting to the world, but the enthusiasm can wear thin if you don’t get engagement beyond those whose aim is to get you to follow them, rather than actually engaging on any shared interest. So, here’s 10 Twitter tips to hopefully help you get more out of Twitter.

  1. Find other businesses in your field and follow them. There’s likely to be a conversation to which you can contribute and you’ll probably find some of that person’s followers will start following you, helping broaden your reach.
  2. Use the Twitter Search to find topics being discussed that have particular interest to you; the outcome can be the same as above.
  3. Thank people who follow you, even if you decide not to follow them back. If you can add a comment that’s specific to them and not just a generic “thanks for following”, all the better.
  4. Be generous with your RT, retweeting, of posts and tweets and you’ll find you will attract interest and loyalty. If you want people to RT for you, then try spelling out the word RETWEET; some say it helps.
  5. Use direct messages to engage in longer conversations with your followers. NB you can only use direct messages with those who are following you.
  6. Don’t sell on Twitter, it’s a turn off and will lose you followers.
  7. Don’t Tweet when you’re angry or under the influence of alcohol – you know it makes sense!
  8. Tweet at the right time. There are tools around such as TweetWhen and Tweriod that will help guide you as to the best time to tweet.
  9. In addition to ‘live’ tweeting in response to what’s going on, make use of scheduling services  such as Buffer, Tweetdeck or Hootsuite
  10. Promote your Twitter profile on your web page and in your email signature. Embed your Twitter feed into your blog via RSS.

These 10 tips to help you with Twitter are just starting points. If you find one in particular really works for you, then please let me know. What tips can you share about the benefits of using Twitter for business?

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