Alan Berck May feedback

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Giving your website wings

When I started my own business last year I had little understanding of what I needed online, apart from a website.

Having met with Susan I gained insight from our first meeting that a website alone was not going to be adequate as she talked about the need these days for giving your website wings if it was to be successful in Search. The idea of getting involved with blogging and working with social media was quite a daunting prospect and not something I had bargained for!

However, over the last 12 months I’ve been working with Website Wings, firstly  to plan my website, which Susan then set up and helped me develop on WordPress. Secondly, helping me find my feet with using the CMS (content managed system) and thirdly to take the first tentative steps into the world of working with social media.

Subsequently, I’ve found the ongoing coaching Susan provides has been invaluable in helping me understand not just how to use social media, but how to develop an integrated marketing approach using my website, blog and online communities.

Technical support with WordPress

Working with Website Wings means I have support for many of the more technical aspects, which I don’t have time for, together with valuable ongoing coaching as and when I need it. This has really helped free up my time to focus on improving my online marketing understanding and approach.

My biggest challenge

Actually taking the first step, diving into Tweeting and writing my first blog posts, was my biggest challenge; both seemed daunting prospects and I felt tongue-tied about what to talk about.a

However, through gentle encouragement and guidance  my confidence grew  and I began build a network of regular contacts and even feel confident enough to contribute to conversations.

I, like many others, do suffer from ‘time issues’ and I’m not going to say I’ve had an ‘overnight success’,  but it’s clear to me that method is working. The combination of website, blog and interactions on social media is contributing to my long term goal of a sustainable business, through building a credible reputation.

Enjoying a successful outcome

I’m really pleased with the outcome from working in this way with Susan. Her help has been instrumental in helping me establish a website/blog I can manage myself.

Knowing Susan is there, on the end of the phone, to help, advise and review my blogs for SEO purposes is great. The results are clear, a steady stream of work. Who wouldn’t want that?


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