Using WordPress to create a blog for social media marketing

A blog should be at the heart of your online marketing, in my opinion. WordPress can be developed into a powerful social tool.  2013/14 has seen a growing interest from businesses in learning to use the WordPress platform, meaning that there’s been a rapid growth in companies offering to set them up with a WordPress website/blog, with a price tag that appears too good to miss out on.

Unfortunately, in many cases, driving lessons post blog launch have not part of the deal and consequently I’ve had calls from  growing numbers of frustrated owners of WordPress installations who have been left bemused and confused by their new and potentially powerful tool for online marketing.

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WordPress workshop at Corby Enterprise Centre in March 2012

WordPress workshops in the East Midlands

Out of this need came the first of a growing number of WordPress workshops delivered around Northamptonshire. The first one took place at the  Corby Enterprise Centre back in March, where numbers of attendees was small but the outcome huge.

Having set those who attended up with their WordPress installation, they then attended other classes about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and were soon using them in combination with their WordPress blog/website to connect with online communities which helped spread the word about the value of their businesses and also mine.

The next time the workshop ran, last September, the number of applicants for the workshop had risen to over 20. Learning how to create a blog had obviously become higher up the agenda for businesses who were wanting to get involved with social media marketing, having recognised the potential for building brand awareness.

WordPress versions

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WordPress workshop delivered for Northampton University Business Enterprise Club in September 2012

There are two versions of WordPress, the .com and the .org versions. Both have similarities, but both have many differences as well. Finding out more about which is likely to be the best versions for you to start with can help save you running into ‘issues’ further down the line. I’ve written a blog post fairly recently to help in this regard – What is WordPress?

Both and have similarities. But I believe it’s wiser for the beginner to start learning how to run the installation on the platform-hosted version, before they attempt the  more  complicated self-hosted version. The beauty of WordPress is that content started on can be migrated to a installation at a later date, so it makes sense to start to learn to walk before trying to run and falling flat on your face, with resultant tears!

Prince’s Trust online marketing workshops

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Prince’s Trust workshop November 2012

LastOctober I ran a couple of workshops for the Prince’s Trust. The aim was to help delegates understand the broader picture of what they’d require to develop an effective presence online. Learning about the value of a blog for social media marketing was just one element of what was covered. Read more about what’s required to develop an effective presence online.

e-business club online marketing workshops

November and December saw two outings of full-day workshops covering the set-up and running of WordPress as either website, blog or both. Corby and Derby were the venues, with more planned for 2013 in Nottingham and Chesterfield. If you live near to either you can take advantage by booking through the e-business club, which delivers training for various aspects of online marketing. The next ebsusiness WordPress training workshop takes places in Leicester on September 18th.

If you live in the East Midlands area of the UK then the ebusiness club is a resource well worth tapping into, whether you could benefit from training in WordPress, SEO, email marketing or Google Adwords.

I shall be running various workshops throughout 2014 about aspects of online marketing such as establishing the basics for your Social Media Strategy, writing copy for websites and blogs and social media tools to help with social media marketing. If you’d like to receive information about any of these workshops you can send your details via the contact form, or why not try out the new voicemail tool on the right hand side of the page.

If you use, or are interested in finding out about using Facebook for business I try to post interesting articles I come acros, in my internet reading travels on the Website Wings Facebook page. If there’s something you read there that particularly strikes a chord with you, please leave a comment or Like the page.

If you’re into Twitter then please engage in conversation via @SusanCollini. Whichever route you choose just keep creating those all important social signals, which help increase the score, the thumbs up from Google.

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