New year, new website

The Christmas decorations are no doubt being cleared away in many a household as I type this. It’s ‘clear the decks’ time. The sound of heralding of Angels is being replaced for quite a few, by heralding of the 2015 New year, new website resolution.

Options for planning a new website

There are plenty of solutions to choose from, many for free, and quite adequate for the needs of small businesses. You can find out more about some of the options by attending a free eBizbyte meeting on ‘Websites DIY’ in Leicestershire on 13th January.

In the briefing I cover the pros and cons of a number of options including, hosting with free website, Google sites, Freemium options such as Webs and Wix and Weebly and consider both and

WordPress websites

If you’re not a new visitor to this website you’ll know I’m a great advocate of WordPress. It’s not just a very powerful platform that can be harnessed for online marketing needs, but is top notch when it comes to the quality stakes.

I’m always surprised by how many people don’t know there are two versions, and So what’s the difference and the similarities I hear you ask! and are very similar in many ways. They’re both CMS, content managed systems, meaning you can manage and publish your own content and they both share almost identical ‘ways of working’.

Read more about ‘tips for those considering using WordPress’

Where and differ is that the .com version is hosted by WordPress (in essence) which means the user doesn’t have to worry about hosting. The .org on the other hand requires self-hosting (you pay) and that’s where many issues occur because people don’t realise the level of hosting security that is recommended, most opting for the cheapest hosting options because they don’t know any better. and security

With you not only have to make sure you have a ‘secure’ username and password, but you really need to make sure your hosting is not on a shared server.

The analogy I use is that of thinking about a shared server as being a jumbo jet with many people all squeezed in together. If someone gets on with flu, by the end of the flight the chances are that some of the other passengers will have picked up the virus too. That’s what can happen on a shared server and data-base websites are prone to being compromised (hacked) as a result.

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Planning the perfect website

If you’d find it useful to access some training on what’s worth knowing when you’re planning a website, then see if you’re eligible for some free training. Follow the links below to find out more information about these courses, provided by the eBusiness club.

Planning the perfect website – Tuesday 6th January in Corby

Planning the perfect website – Thursday 15th January in Lincoln

Planning the perfect website – Tuesday 3rd February in Nottingham

Planning the perfect website – Wednesday 11th February in Coalville, Leics

Planning the perfect website – Wednesday 25th February in Bakewell

Planning the perfect website – Wednesday 18th March in Nottingham

 What next?

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