Creating engaging video for small businesses

There’s a growing tide of awareness about the benefits to be gained from creating engaging video for small businesses.

It’s not that large businesses have just been ‘in the know’ about the benefits to be had of creating video content, whilst small businesses have been hiding under a stone. The plain fact of the matter is down to one of cash, or rather lack of cash business have to allocate for producing a quality video product.

Cheap and cheerful

These can be done and work well, but on the other hand the result is all too often, frankly, an embarrassment! The truth is that what can be amusing on video and have a quite high engagement factor for a few seconds, can become rather painful viewing after much more. YouTube is littered with such examples, along with the many efforts on the ‘let me tell you about my business’, produced using a mate’s video camera on a tripod; static presentations equalling not-very-engaging-video-content!

There is a very user-friendly (for both maker and viewer) video creation tool that I’ve covered in a previous post. The beauty is that with a limit of 6 seconds Vine not only concentrates the mind on the project in hand, but also limits flights of fancy before they get too out of hand.

Quality video for businesses

Quality video production doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The secret to quality often lies more in the content than in the production of it. The beating heart to success is having a good story line, rather than relying on technical wizardry to delivery the goods

Let’s consider two examples, one cost a lot and the other a lot less. I’ll leave it to you to decide which you find more engaging and why. The exercise might just start you thinking…about what you could do.

Pass the popcorn

Alternatively, get yourself settled  with a cup of tea or coffee (there’s about 6 minutes or so to watch coming up).

OK, are you sitting comfortably…?

If you didn’t see the John Lewis Christmas video then you’re in for a treat. Well, I think it’s lovely and I’ll admit I had a little tear in the corner of my eye the first time I saw it.

Now, even if you HAVE seen it, please watch it again, before watching video number 2. So, here we go –

Well, I didn’t exactly rush off to John Lewis to buy a cute penguin, but the emotional tags in the video certainly hit the spot.

Of course, you’d expect a great video from a firm like John Lewis and, so I read, even with a 7 million pound price tag it was surely worth it for them.

OK, I can sort of hear the gasp from your side of the screen, “How much!”. Well, if a few small businesses clubbed together…maybe?

There is a point to all this, hang on in there. Now we get to video No. 2. There are certain similarities I warn you, but the tear in the eye will perhaps be due to a different type of emotion.

Word of warning issued for  anyone about to watch this video who is of a particularly sensitive disposition regarding natural animal behaviour and suspenders (not featured together) – listen with eyes closed to avoid offence.

My point to showing you these two videos?

  1. They’re both engaging, but in different ways
  2. Good old fashioned humour can go a long way and 149,000 views must have helped the furniture shop raise its profile considerably, if not to sell a few sofas into the bargain.
  3. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create an engaging video (‘m sure No. 2 was a lot less than 7 million)

Creating engaging content for business

I work with businesses on ways to create engaging content and the only block stopping them doing so is often rooted in lack of self-confidence in those elected to produce it.

The need for people to reconnect with the art of Story telling is just one of the ways I’m working more with businesses these days. There are also many online tools available, many for free, to help create visual content, both images and video.

Creating engaging content is not all about humour and, obviously when humour is used, it needs to be at a level appropriate to the business sector and the target audience.

Free courses for businesses on ‘Developing effective web content’

Want to find out more? Visit the Teaching page to see if there’s a course near you on ‘Developing effecting web content’, which I’m delivering for the eBusiness club in various places in the East Midlands during the next 3 months.

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