Creating engaging content with video

There’s no doubt about it, visual content is growing in popularity with audiences online and creating engaging content with video is a must for every business.

Many think that creating video is going to be a costly affair, either hiring in someone to make the video, or through having to invest in video-editing software. However, there are free options for creating quick videos that can provide another dimension to your content creation strategy.

Vine video App

I’ve been using the Vine App for a while now, both for my own purposes and on training courses I deliver. I think it’s a great App and well worth checking out.

In essence, a Vine is a 6-second looping video that you can film using a SmartPhone, having downloaded the App. Vine is completely free, so why not give it a go?

Video  can add a valuable and very engaging dimension to online content marketing. For example, you could use it for:

  • Saying hello (Introducing yourself)
  • Testimonials from customers
  • Giving audiences a ‘live’ flavour of what you do/sell
  • Animated location shots (great for B&B’s, holiday lets etc.)

How to make a Vine

screenshot of vine embed code

Vine embed code

Once you have the App open, you activate the video recording by holding your finger on the screen. Once you life your finger the App stops recording.

You can start-stop as many times as you are able, within the 6 seconds. However, much more than 3 x 2 seconds can make for rather jerky recordings I’ve found.

When you’ve finished recording you can preview, before uploading to Vine. Once you’ve set up your account you can either login via a username and password, or it will  give you the option to login via Twitter.

You can embed a Vine into your blog post or web page, simply copy/pasting some HTML code (as shown in the lighter grey box in the screenshot on the right).

In the Vine featured below I wanted to show the bird-boxes actually being put in place, rather than just a series of static photos showing the process. See if you think the video is more ‘engaging’ a way to achieve this.

Hope you decide to try out Vine, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience.

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