Get your Social Media Wings

Not sure how to get off the runway with social media? Flying lessons with Social Media Wings can help business owners learn not only how to ‘get off the ground’ with social media, but with blogging too.


If you know nothing or a little about social media, or perhaps are using social media but wonder why, then booking a 40 minute slot to get some guidance from Susan Collini could be an option worth considering?

Booking a flying lessons with Social Media Wings will give you access to tap into Susan’s knowledge, gaining improved insight into using social media as part of the bigger picture of online marketing.


Booking flying lessons with Social Media Wings is quick and easy. There’s only a nominal cost of £12.00, plus a small booking fee, making these lessons available to all business owners, whether established or start-up.

The virtual airfields, used for take-off and landing, are currently in Northampton at The Derngate Theatre and in Kettering at The Kettering Park Hotel.

To book onto one of the next group of flying lessons on Thursday January 24th, please use the form below.

Flying lessons with Social Media Wings on Thursday 24.01.13

If you would like to book a flying lesson with Social Media Wings, but not on the 24th January, please contact Susan at Website Wings or send a voice message down the voice pipe feature on the right hand side of this page. (it’s easy, safe and fun to use – honest)

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