The basics of how to blog

Business blogs are becoming particularly popular. Often, it seems,  more for reasons of benefitting website SEO, search engine optimisation. However, engaging readers rather than impressing search engine robots is the criteria by which a successful blog is measured.

To help you understand more about what it takes to build a successful blog, here’s 6 tips about how to blog.

1. Blog location

You really need to have a blog “within the site root”. This means that the actual files and folders that make up the blog, in the same way that files and folders make up a website, are situated in the same place on the hosting server.

NB. Having a link in the website navigation bar that says ‘blog’ does not mean the blog is automatically located in the same place on the server as the website.

2. Blog tone

Establishing the tone of your blog is important, if you aim to  your audience engaged. Writing for a blog is not like writing for a website and there are different conventions to follow with regard to how you information is best communicated, whether using text, images, podcast or video.

3. Blog content

These days people tend to scan content, often before they read it, picking out bits of information relevant to what they’re searching for. Understanding how to shape the content of your blog is important if you want to keep your readers engaged. Understanding how to use H1, H2, H3 etc to benefit users and search engines is one of the foundation stones necessary for successful blogging.

4. Blog strategy

Posting on a blog, with no real strategy of why beyond just being seen to do so, will not assist your climb up the blogging success ladder. A strategy is far more than just deciding on number of times a week you’re going to blog and what subjects you’re going to blog about. A strategy has to start from the perspective of your audience. Have you identified much about who they are and what information they’re looking for?

5. Guest blogging

Don’t confine yourself to blogging in isolation. Guest blogging is not going to advantage your SEO particularly, but it can help broaden your reach and raise your profile with a new audience. Remember to request a back-link to your website, especially valuable if the site you’re blogging on has good ‘authority’ with Google. ,

6.Promoting your blog

If you expect people to discover your blog just because you publish posts, you’re likely to be disappointed. You have to aid the promotion of your blog by methods such as providing rss, really simple syndication, facility and also buttons above or below your post for social sharing. Choosing a blog platform that has RSS and social sharing buttons built in and ready to roll-out for use is not just valuable, but essential if you’re wanting to engage in effective online marketing.

Want to learn more about blogging?

I run short courses and also one to one sessions for individuals and businesses on various aspects of blogging. A full days training will get you set up and running with a WordPress blog. A 2 hours slot will get you up to speed on the practicalities of formatting blog posts to engage users and maximise potential in Search. Contact me for more information

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