Business need for social media marketing in 2013

Are you feeling confused, bemused and struggling to make sense of the world of online social media marketing?

I can help you develop a social media marketing strategy for your business and teach you how to work with the tools you’ll require. I can provide practical, realistic advice tailored to your desired outcome from engaging with online communities.

Delivery of 9 courses for The Prince’s Trust, Northampton University and The Federation of Small Businesses during 2012 on WordPress, social media networks and blogging ran alongside my client-based work. In 2013 I’m extending my teaching work with the Government funded ebizClub, delivering training on ‘WordPress for beginners’ and ‘Want to website DIY?’ at venues in the East Midlands region of the UK.

Using social media to attract customers

My knowledge and skill has been built up over years of experience building websites, running blogs and promoting my business largely via social media. Last year over half my website traffic came via social media networks. Twitter alone brought in a quarter of my new clients.

I don’t call myself a social media expert or online marketing guru, I’m just someone who has knowledge, experience and technical skills to help businesses work with the tools required to achieve their online marketing goals.

My most successful clients are driven business owners who have the vision to work on developing a social media strategy, rather than just learning to use the tools with an expectation of quick results.

Creating a social media marketing method

Integrating social media into your business successfully will require investment of time, application and hard work. However, I also believe working with social media should be enjoyable.

Having fun is an element I try to encourage all my clients to discover as part of learning process in the fast-moving, way of the world future that’s social media marketing.

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