An infographic could prove really helpful to those of you who are just embarking on your voyage of discovery into the world of social media.

Actually, social media is hardly new but it’s only now being widely accepted, by a wider range of businesses than ever before, as the future for effective customer engagement.

Added to that, Google’s changes in their algorithms, the way they rank pages in Search, is going to be increasingly influenced by social interactions, known as Social Signals.  For more information on this have a read of ‘Will your content improve or penalise your ranking on Google’

follow this link for the Social Media Cheat Sheet at a size that is readable!

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I will be producing this information in an accessible format for those who use screen readers, so apologies in advance if you have trouble accessing the information contained in what is an image.  To make it fully ‘accessible’ I’ll have to set out the information in a table format, which could take me a while!


social media cheat sheet image

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