Positive feedback is one of the rewarding aspects of any job; what you set out to achieve has been appreciated.

In addition to my core business of website and blog development I spend time giving talks to business people helping them understand the bigger picture relating to online marketing requirements.

Of all the people who spoke to me after I’d presented to the University of Northampton a few weeks back, a lady named Hope stood out. It wasn’t just her enthusiasm to launch the full range of satellites I’d been talking about, the other attribute she demonstrated was a passion for her business; an important factor for successful marketing. Hope has listened, understood and become enthused. What more could you ask as a teacher?

I didn’t hear further from Hope apart from through her tweets, which I registered through my usual monitoring on Hootsuite. However, one morning last week I happened to see a tweet which I replied to with, what I thought, was good humour. To cut a long story short, Hope and I got into conversation from that tweet and she then not only shared the good news about how using social media had helped to develop her business, but sent me an unsolicited testimonial as well. How kind and how rewarding to feel I’d helped make a difference.

I’m going to share the testimonial with you, not as an exercise in trumpet blowing, but as a real-life example of the business development potential of using social media.

I can’t thank you enough for your talk on Social Media via the University of Northampton last month. Through following your advice my Twitter followers have increased almost ten-fold, in just 4 weeks. The numbers go up and down, however I am not discouraged by people who pull out, as they obviously weren’t that interested in the first place and were more likely after a ‘follow’ themselves.

Encouraged by your words, I took the opportunity to utilise a £25 free advertising budget with Facebook, which over 2 weeks has increased my followers by almost 50%.

Through other social contacts, re-enforced through Social Media, I have been given the opportunity to exchange product for national advertising in a leading newspaper and on air with a well known radio station, who are happy to advertise my products via their own Social Media and website.

I can’t think of a better advertising budget, than simply time and a little effort. I feel like my small new business is on the verge of flying, so look out everyone and watch this space.

Gone are the days when a website might be regarded as the online mother-ship, the marketing and sales department all rolled into one. These days the mother-ship needs to develop satellites to attract visitors. Online satellites come in all shapes and colours, chosen and used according to purpose; classified social media.

Utilising social media for businesses can not only raise the profile of a business, but actually develop valuable online relationships with the aim of building a trusted and loyal customer base.

Giving presentations and workshops to educate businesses about this fairly major shift in marketing requirements is fairly straightforward. Getting participants to commit to practicing what I preach, realistically not quite so! Injecting humour with a guest appearance of Stego, my plastic dinosaur, always raises a laugh, but doesn’t, I often feel, hit home as directly as it should.  “Adapt or die” could be the title for a business book I could write; maybe I should?

A direct vote of thanks is therefore a real shot in the arm for me, appreciation being the spur to further endeavour. I’ve had some good feedback on LinkedIn about my ability to communicate at a level people can connect with, but it’s really rewarding when someone takes the trouble to illustrate a practical outcome from a change in thinking and approach.

Enthusiasm and commitment are important steps to success; willingness to keep on learning is another. So, looking forward very much to seeing you again Hope on the workshops I’m running in the Autumn re. setting up a web presence, blogging and getting to grips with Google. I have a feeling Hope could turn out to be a star pupil.

“Thanking people creates engagement” is not a new phenomenon, but the outcome through the facility of social media now offers even greater value. I’m very happy to help Hope spread the word about what she’s involved with.  Want to know more? Visit Hope’s  blog and take a trip to her website.

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Finally, please feel free to contact me to find out how I could help further develop your business using blog/social media/website.

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