Adrenaline Rush

When my husband suggested a night out I purred at the idea, a chance to escape dinner duty. But the suggestion to take a trip to the cinema to see the film ‘Rush’ took the edge off my enthusiasm, racing cars not being my thing! In the event, the alternative at the cinema enthused less than ‘Rush’, so I convinced myself that at least distraction-therapy-from-work would be good for me.

In the event ‘Rush’ proved to be a masterpiece in camera angles, with the experience of driving round a racing track delivered in a way to effectively communicate a rush of adrenaline. The story-line was so fast-moving, along with the cars, there was little time to take your eyes away from the screen to locate the popcorn!

Qualities needed for Formula 1

It’s easy to imagine that a fast car and a sponsor are all the pre-requisites for becoming a Formula 1 driver. However, as the film illustrated so adeptly, it’s actually tenacity and perseverance. James Hunt and Niki Lauda may have represented the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of personality type, but both had an eye on the prize and were prepared to keep going until they could raise the trophy.

Only a few people will ever drive in Formula 1, just as only a few people will represent their country in a sporting event. However, most people can cultivate tenacity and perseverance and are therefore potential ‘winners’.

As my job is helping people develop skills in how to use online marketing tools, it struck me forcibly, but not literally, that the psychology of my method involves much of what I’d seen portrayed in ‘Rush’.

If you think you’ve got what it takes for Formula 1 then run through the following check-list to see if you have the basic 3 things in place to be able to compete successfully on the online marketing race-track.

1. Quality vehicle

A quality vehicle, not just any vehicle, needs to be provided, with potential to be tuned to purring perfection in the pits, ready to roar out onto the track for racing. This is why I recommend WordPress, as the platform to use for a business website/blog, because of its potential to be a Formula 1 Ferrari on the online marketing track with a properly trained driver!

2. Driver training

Driving a car and driving a Formula 1 car have a different skill-level requirement. Driving a WordPress installation without any training is not as straightforward as some try to make out and ignorance can all too easy result in a crash (being hacked through ignorance of what should be done to enhance security). Drive a Ferrari to look good, but drive a Ferrari with respect!

3. Perseverance

Whether you’re the extrovert James Hunt type of personality or the introverted Niki Lauda, you have to be prepared to persevere in pursuit of your goal. There’s no point spending money on a website, writing a few blog posts, joining Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ (to name but a few) and then running out of motivation to use them on a regular basis.

Is your online marketing Formula 1?

  • How many time recently have you not had enough time to keep up with what you set out to achieve re. online interactions? If that’s where you’re ‘at’ it won’t cut muster if you want to compete effectively in Formula 1 online marketing.
  • Do you have a blog and is it integrated or separate to your website? If your blog isn’t integrated with your website (located on the same hosting place as your website) then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage in Formula 1 online marketing.
  • When was the last time you looked at what your competitors are doing online? I don’t just mean noticing that they have more ‘Likes’ on Facebook than you, or more connections on LinkedIn, but how you compare according to tools such as Klout and Kred. These tools can provide an overview that can be compared with your competitors, in terms of ‘reach’ via your online presence.
  • Do you have Google analytics installed on your website? If so, do you actually take time to look at what they’re telling you about how people are interacting with your content? If you don’t have Google Analytics, why not?

How to improve your online marketing effectiveness

I’d help you by face-to-face and video/phone support over a period of time, minimum 3 months, to help you understand how to get the best out of your:

  • Website – Helping you finely tune the potential of what should be your Formula 1 vehicle.
  • Blog – Helping you understand how to write posts that engage readers and Search engine robots.
  • Social media networks – Helping you learn how more effectively and in a joined-up way with your website/blog.

Find out more about the online marketing services I provide or the training for online marketing DIY. Call Website Wings for a no-obligation chat to see if I could be of assistance.

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