My  5000 chew service

I went to the Dentist last week, as I do every six months or so, for the usual check up and 5,000 chew service. As I settled into the horizontal chair, awaiting my examination, I had little idea what you can learn at the Dentist about websitesdentist chair and tools

My dentist loves to have a chat, as most do, but I find the conversation tends to be a little one-sided once the probe begins exploring my mouth and wedges of cotton wool fill the space between cheek and gum.

Our ‘conversation’ involved my Dentist’s problem with a crow building a nest in her chimney, resulting in sticks falling into the fireplace along with a steady stream of messy soot.

The Yellow Pages, remarked on as “very small compared to a few years ago” didn’t provide contact details that could sort the issue, so the necessity to search online beckoned. However, trying to find not just an answer as to how to solve the issue, but also the cost of fixing the problem, proved elusive.

Providing answers builds an engagement

It seems there were lots of websites that said they dealt with chimney problems, but not one that specifically mentioned the problem of birds building nests in chimneys, even though we agreed it was a common problem. My Dentist kept on clicking from site to site trying to find someone who could provide a satisfactory answer.

Eventually a website was chanced upon, not on page 1 of Google, but with a clear description that answered her problem. “We remove nests from chimneys in Northants, Beds, and Bucks”. Once on the website my Dentist not only found content that described her problem, but explained the methods that would be applied to fix it, together with an idea of the costs involved.

Building Trust

Before my Dentist had even picked up the phone, to call the number on the website, she’d made a decision that the company sounded a good prospect. The fact that the person on the other end of the phone answered promptly, rather than being diverted to an answer-phone, reinforced her gut-feeling that this was a company she felt confident speaking with about finding a solution to her problem.

The job was done, the nest removed and the necessary preventative measures put in place to avoid any further squatters moving in. What’s the lesson about websites?

  • Being on page 1 of Google isn’t the be-all and end-all of being successful online.
  • Some attention to detail about formatting meta-tags for your page – title and description tags – are not just good for Google, but benefit users too.
  • Providing information about how you could address the pain of the user (the problem they’re experiencing), helps users feel they’ve reached a ‘comfortable’ place.
  • Making sure your phone number is visible on the page users are  reading, even if you include it in the actual text of the page, benefits them by putting information, needed to progress an enquiry, in front of them.
  • Ensuring you are on the end of a phone to pick up enquiries, rather than relying on an answer-phone can mean the difference between gaining a potential customer and losing one. Perhaps, consider using an answering service if you can’t be on hand to take incoming calls during parts of the day?

I never imagined a trip to the Dentist could inspire me to write a blog post or that the conversation we had, when I was able to join in, would result in a future appointment for me to teach their team how to improve their online engagement.

It was not only due to a scale and polish that I left the Dentist with a whiter, brighter smile.

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