Using WordPress to benefit your business

If success with online marketing is your goal then building a website and blog on WordPress is an excellent choice and can help give you that all important competitive advantage.

7 reasons to consider a WordPress solution

  1. Easy to edit – you can update text and images using the built-in CMS (content management system) – avoiding ongoing developer or agency costs.
  2. Lots of themes and layouts to choose from – no extra costs for web design are required
  3. WordPress will work just fine on mobile devices – just choose a responsive theme and away you go
  4. Exciting functionality Plugins, without employing a coder – a booking system, e-commerce, live-chat or a product gallery to name but a few
  5. Google loves WordPress because the code is first-rate and light weight – search engines love it and pages load fast to benefit users
  6. Scalability – your website can grow with your business requirements, as and when required – a WordPress site can handle over 1000 pages
  7. Future proof – WordPress has been around a long time and is not going away anytime soon – 75 million sites and counting!

Options for getting a WordPress site

  • The cheapest option is to buy a domain name via a web hosting provider, then press a button for what’s called a ‘one-click install’, you literally click a button and hey presto you have a WordPress website and blog. However, this is not a good idea as it can introduce a number of security weaknesses at set-up, such as generic database username and prefix which are fairly easy to guess by hackers. It’s a much better idea to install WordPress manually, so you can customise database and installation access codes in line with security recommendations for WordPress as documented on their website.
  • If the whole idea of setting up your WordPress site scares you half to death, which is not unusual if you’re not technically minded, you could hand the project over to a developer who will install WordPress for you. But how will you know they’re not just setting you up with a one-click install, that you’re just paying through the nose for? Be warned, there’s so many so-called WordPress developers out there who do just that, take the money and run, with the client being non the wiser.
  • Identify someone who can explain to you about suitable hosting and method, together with the reasons, underpinning a secure WordPress installations. Don’t just accept explanations about the benefits of using WordPress, but also the risks involved with running a database driven website, so that you are well-informed before you start. In other words, find someone who you trust, feel confident to work with and with a willingness to provide support in the future, because chances are you’ll need it.

There is no doubt WordPress can provide you will a formula 1 online marketing tool, but there is a learning curve associated with using it. Billed as “easy to use” that’s not quite how WordPress is likely to seem at the outset, so having help at hand, when needed, is recommended.

Suitable hosting for a WordPress installation

Shared hosting is the most popular option, cheap to set up with often many hundreds or thousands of other sites hosted in the same place. This can cause issues when there is a lot of web traffic visiting either your site or others on the server – basically, it slows things down. This can affect your page loading times and lose you potential viewers who just move on, to other faster loading web pages elsewhere (don’t we all do that?)

VPS (virtual private server) is a more expensive option, but should be considered as quality oil in your car, ensuring everything runs smoothly to optimum performance levels. Not only is there likely to be more oomph in the engine, ensuring your web pages are fast loading, but the improvement will be noted by Google who will be more likely to deliver your web pages in Search, than others with slower loading time.

Dedicated server hosting is not an option for many businesses because the costs are just too high. However, it’s worth pointing out that if a developer suggests this as an option, as they have their own dedicated server, then you should check out just where the server is located. What you want to avoid at all costs is having your website hosted on a server that isn’t located in a secure hosting environment, but rather in a cupboard, or under the desk, in their office.

More about using WordPress as a website and blogging solution

You can find out about the WordPress services I provide. There’s also some links below to blog posts I’ve written on various aspects of working with WordPress.

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